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PPC campaigning looks simple but unless designed intelligently it can’t get you the desired results. That’s why we at Marketing Monks use the right tools and manual expertise to bring success to each PPC campaign. Be it through Google Adwords, Microsoft AdCenter (Bing Keyword Research) or Yahoo! Search Marketing, our team guarantees results out of every campaign! What you need to know about Pay Per Click Campaigns

PPC or pay per click campaign is dominating the world of online advertising. Simply stated it’s an internet marketing model where advertisers have to pay a certain fee whenever a visitor clicks on their advertisements. The idea behind running PPC campaigns is to:

  • Generate website traffic by bringing the brand into focus
  • Attracting new visitors for lead generation and conversion
  • Better sales and ROI through brand visibility and popularity

The benefits of trusting us with your PPC campaign management includes:

  • Exclusive PPC campaigns for search engine sites and social media platforms
  • Campaign initialization including account setup services
  • Intensive keyword research and price bid
  • Precise keyword and description to attract high-quality visits
  • Creating Ad copy and split testing
  • Landing Page Development (on request)
  • Detailed tracking and measurement of campaign response, with report and analysis
  • Customer support round-the-clock

Reap positive returns from your investments. Let’s get started on planning your next PPC campaign now!

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